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When a male urinates then ejaculates into a females mouth then the female swallows this mixture and then regurgitates it on to the males penis
michael loves my Pakistani Cream
by munroe94 December 17, 2010
To ejaculate on a females back and then urinate on her to rinse off the seimen
jack German Carwashed me last night!
by munroe94 December 16, 2010
To ejaculate in a girls mouth and then have her spit the cum in your anal passage "butcrack" and then slurp and/or lick it out
mike loves to smittle
by munroe94 December 13, 2010
While two males are scissoring a female tries to fit both penis' in her vagina
Jessica likes to plant Russian Flowers
by munroe94 December 16, 2010
When a male ejaculates in a females hand then the female dips her finger in the seimen and rubs the seimen into her teeth
jessica likes my Amish Toothbrush
by munroe94 December 17, 2010
A female is getting a penis shoved down her larynx (throat) and one in her anus while another guy is putting his penis in one of the two males anus'.
That Paintrain was the shit!
by munroe94 December 16, 2010
A female cups her hands and then the male ejaculates and then urinates into the females hands ,then the female slurps this mixture out of her hands
Blonde taco
by munroe94 December 16, 2010

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