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5 definitions by mulele

a statement made before asking a questions of which one is supposed to be really familiar with the answer
Fred: Mike, 'Dumb question', how do you display a full screen of a power point presentation
Mike: Dude, press F5.
by mulele January 14, 2011
4 1
this is more like insurance. some money paid for insurance
Daughter: Daddy you havent taken me shopping in a while.
Daddy: Well yea, it is because iam saving some incase shit money
by Mulele July 28, 2008
3 0
Very nice and Addictive iphone game(scrabble)
Mulele, Have You played the new scrabble game on iphone? Ofcourse!...its so scrabbulicious!
by Mulele July 27, 2008
3 2
to explain in full and expand with sensible examples
i will sebenitiate the illaboraters
by mulele December 12, 2005
2 2
farting continuously without a single pause
he is fond of pinyurepetation in class
by mulele December 13, 2005
4 5