3 definitions by muggles76

1. 1930's word for the almighty green, and it isn't about the Benjamins.

2. non magical people in this great series of children books named Harry Potter.

3. ME
1. Hey dude, you got some muggles to smoke.

2. The muggles have facinating toys such as the phone!

3. ME
by muggles76 February 27, 2004
1. All 13-23 year olds who want to be with the "in crowd" and give into the peer pressure rather than who they really are.

2. A song by our favorite wannabe talented girl group, the Spice Girls.
1. Did ya hear all of those wannabes saying fizzle my nizzle?

2. If you wanna be my lover....
by muggles76 February 27, 2004
Ohip Valley/PA word for cleaning and doing a clean sweep without the TLC crew.
You kids better rid up your rooms!!!!
by muggles76 February 27, 2004

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