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a condition where the subject has inserted his head up his asshole and it is now held captive in the rectum

rectal cranial inversion
with respect to a newbie on ebay and his unrealistic expectations of shipping time via the USPS he would be characterized as suffering from rectal head capture
by mtebob August 16, 2010
Like many other states, California has a seat belt law. Many cars have awkward and annoyingly difficult to use seat belts. As a result some people have taken to just holding the seat belt across their chests, not really fastening it, when just taking a quick drive to the corner market. Thus the "California click". That way it looks like it's fastened in case a cop should see you. See Califoria stop.
Don't worry about the damn seat belt, just do a California click!
by mtebob April 03, 2011
Refers to sucking or "nipping" on a woman's nipples. From the movie "Brewster McCloud"
said by a woman-"How'd you like to nipponese?"
by mtebob May 25, 2007

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