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A woman who can be described as 'clingy', 'psycho', 'psycho-clingy' and 'immature.' Usually a young girl who's just barely old enough to drink who's chasing after an older (late 20's to early 30's) man who was just looking for a fling.

She's referred to as 'Lady Voldemort' because speaking her name out loud is considered bad luck.

Ex.) Alicia Silverstone's character in 'The Crush'
Dude, don't even say her name! She's a Lady Voldemort! You say her name out loud she'll appear out of nowhere! Just say 'She who shall not be named' and leave it at that...
by msbae January 08, 2012
1.) A very derisive term for a Democrat that would otherwise be described as a "Bleeding Heart Liberal."

2.) Someone who is entirely too left-wing for their own good.
'Joe is so in love with Barack Obama's policies that he may as well be a Closet Communist..."
by msbae June 28, 2012
A term used to describe yourself when you despise an ex so much you won't even let them touch you or shake your hand. Taken from the Judas Priest song of the same name on their 1986 album 'Turbo.'
You think you're cool and got it all
You think you run the scene
I don't believe how you'd concieve
That your good enough for me
You think you've got it all sewn up
But I'll cut you right down to size
The way I figure you don't exist
So you'd better realize

Don't you touch
Don't get near
Don't take me for a fool
Make no mistake
No give and take
I'm too good for you

So keep your hands off
Private property
Hands off
Oh Oh
Keep your hands off
Private property
Hands off me
Hands off
Keep your hands off me
by msbae March 31, 2012
A creature with flaming red-orange hair, pale skin, freckles and no soul.
Dude #1: Hmmm... a Redhead. They have a reputation for being wild in the sack...

Dude #2: She's a Ginger, dude. She has no soul.

Dude #1: That's right! I forgot what Reverend Cartman told us. Thanks for squaring me away.
by msbae March 31, 2012

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