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10 definitions by mrzero

When a girl keeps a guy-friend around incase her current relationship goes wrong, she always has some dick.
Stew and I are kinda rocky right know, how you been backup dick?
by MrZero May 05, 2009
14 3
The first choice you would make about something, like a first draft pick in fantasy football.
"But I'm in love with someone else, doesn't that bother you?" -girl

"Well obviously that wasn't my draft pick" -guy
by MrZero August 24, 2010
7 2
Whilst dropping a deuce, one gripping the corner of a bathtub or sink and grunting out a loaf.
Yesterday I had to Grip and Grunt my way through dropping the kids off at the pool... thank god the sink is right by the toilet.
by MrZero July 11, 2009
5 0
The female version of cock blocking. When one girl cock blocks another girl.
As Jan was trying to seal the deal with Stew, Jennifer acted like a Muff Muter by walking by and saying "Glad to see the herpes aren't flaring up as much."
by MrZero May 18, 2009
5 0
Being so high that, when you try to go to bed for sleep, you just keep rockin and rollin in bed, tossing and turning.
I was so high last night i was Rock N Rollin' all night!
by MrZero May 23, 2009
3 0
When a girl gives you amazing fellatio to the point where your face looks all fucked up when you have the big O
I heard she gives some guberhead!
by MrZero May 29, 2009
2 1
The sticky gook left on your fingers from putting shisha in a hookah bowl.
I hate putting the shisha in because of all the hookahgook I get on my fingers.
by MrZero May 16, 2010
1 1