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someone who claims to be a green day fan, but only owns american idiot, and EVEN SO only listens to tracks 1, 3, 4 and 11.(american idiot, holiday, blvd. of broken dreams, and wake me up when sept. ends) also thinks that american idiot was green day's first cd. can not recognize billie without eyeliner, black hair or a tie(and do not know that he is MARRIED). if you are a real green day fan, it is EXTREAMLY difficult to prevent yourself from chewing these people out, screaming at them, or bitch slapping them. you just sit there and you eye twitches.
{acctual converstion between me and my longtime friend}

Green Day posuer{Lesya}: aaaah! green day is so great! i love them!
Green Day fan{Me}: ohmagosh! no way! you two? i love them so much! i'm obsessed! my favorite's kerplunk. you?
L: ? huH?
M: ... uhm..... ok, i figured out how to play king for a day! wanna hear?
L: uhmmm... what now?
M: .... do you like are we the waiting..??
L: uuuhhh... o wait! yea, i heard taht one like twise! i really only like listen to american idiot, blvd of broken dreams, you know.
M: ... *twitch*twitch... i am trying /really/ hard not to hate you right now, lesya.... {internally growls}
by mrs.dirnt April 12, 2006
Al Sobronte is the stage name of John Kiftmeyer, the origional drummer of band Sweet Children, now known as Green Day. This nickname was given to him by his friends as a play on the name is his hometown of El Sobronte, Calif.
apprentice green day fan: i love green day... i'm so proud to live around where they are from.
knowledgeable green day fan: you know their old drummer was called Al Sobronte.
apprentice green day fan{lives in el sobronte}: AHH!!!!!! NOWAY!!!
by mrs.dirnt April 12, 2006
Green Day is the name of the now band formerly known as Sweet Children, from Rodeo Cali. The members were potheads as teenagers and were watching Sesame Street once, and they said 'green day' at some point on it and they thought it was funny. So, it became slang for day spent smoking marijuana. John Kiftmeyer (aka Al Sobronte, former drummer of Green Day) had a jacket made that had 'green day' written on the back, and eventually they decided to make it their band name. They also have a song called 'Green Day' that is pretty much about the same thing.
Also, the best band in the world, btw.
'at green day yesterday was awwwwwwsome. the teletubbies are so friggin funny!
by mrs.dirnt April 12, 2006

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