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4 definitions by mrhappy

hur is the way of saying "here" in what is known as Half-assed english. This is used by people with poor grammar skills and articulation who think what they say matters.
"aww shit, it's da po, we needs ta get outta hur"
by mrhappy December 22, 2003
63 26
The name for pubs that my girlfriend who doesn't like pubs doesn't mind calling pubs that she likes

A mash-up of "pub", "bar" and "cafe".
"There's no way in hell I'm going to that pub with you. They're all just filthy drunked louts in there! Now the pubafe across the street with the clean drunken louts, that one I don't mind."
by MrHappy February 03, 2005
4 0
One who opposes the proliferation of the use of lasers in modern society.
What do you mean you don't want more lasers? Are you some sort of anti-lasite or something?
by MrHappy October 26, 2004
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Some fag that works at a car dealership with a bunch of other fags who talk about the poon they never get.
Look at melander, he is such a homo; lets all point and laugh.
by mrhappy December 20, 2003
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