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1 definition by mrcollinz

Race Bending


Someone either female or male who believes that by association with another race i.e friendship or relationship it gives them a higher understanding of what it means to be that ethnicity. This appears in forms such as cultural, style, religion, slang.
Race Bending:

A white guy using the word "nigga" outside his tight nit group of 2 black friends would result in hospitalization and possible coma.

Additional Example:

White woman who date predominantly black males of Jamaican decent using patois in everyday conversation with other white people.

Becky:Wah gwan boss mon
Supervisor:I'm sorry can you say that in English Rebecca?
Becky:I wana take brek now seen?
Supervisor:I can't understand you
Becky: (In proper english) I'm sorry, how is it going sir, I would like to take my break now please.
Supervisor:Oh...ok sure.
by mrcollinz December 22, 2012