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the act of taking a gift received from a friend and giving it to another friend as if you had actually purchased it for them
Friend 1: Wow, that mixer is bigger and better than yours!

Friend 2: You're right, I'm keeping this one. I'm regifting the old one. Who's birthday is coming up?
by mrbsounds February 03, 2010
the act, state or circumstance in which no matter what you set out to accomplish or do, it will result in utter failure. May often be a precondition for certain unfortunate people.
Run: Have you seen Nathan's numbers today?

Ron: No I haven't. How's he doing?

Run: He's sold $5000 worth of product and is still in the whole $200 dollars!

Ron: Wow........looks like he's having another Brookshire day......lol
by mrbsounds February 03, 2010
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