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n. A term used by promiscuous women/gays to describe sex with a dick. The guy attached to the dick is immaterial in this context as the fucking is most always a minor amusement that will soon be forgotten.

Suck the dick, make it hard. Stick it in, have some fun...
Veronica: Goin to a bar to bring back some suck and fuck, you wanna come?

Betty: No thanks. Archie is taking me to the movies!

Veronica: Yeuch. He's got a pencil dick and barely lasts a minute! You should come w/me instead...

Betty: Oh Veronica, you're so mean!
by mrbruno September 14, 2010
n. what you call a socially inept person that kills the mood, ends the party, ruins the joke. A Zed is *NOT* someone you want to have near you at a party when trying to meet people. Zed is at the end of the alphabet for a reason. Even Bruce Willis didn't get along with a Zed.
What the hell? No one wants to hear about your dog's diarrhea... quit being such a Zed and go somewhere else!
by mrbruno September 15, 2010
v. to use your amazing looks, higher class, or non-geek status to get what you want from another. Comes from the 60s Veronica cartoon character who always got Archie to do what she wanted by simply asking. The subject willingly participates in exchange usually for the thrill of the experience. Most often this maneuver is performed by a hot girl implying future sex which, no matter how remote the possibility, adds to the experience.
USAGE 1...

Club Hottie: Damn, we ran out of cash for drinks!

Hottie #2: No biggie, go Veronica a couple from the dorks at the bar until some decent suck and fuck shows up

USAGE 2...

Club Dork: OMG... That girl just asked me for my number when she found out I was single.

Friend: Dude I saw you buy 2 Cosmos for her, you got Veronica'd bigtime.

Club Dork: Yea you're right, but it was so worth it cuz my spank bank is filled for months now!
by mrbruno September 15, 2010

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