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3 definitions by mrawesometheawesome

To step in shit.

Named for the famed fixed income arbitrage expert and hedge fund manager, John Meriwether, with a knack for stepping in financial shit.

See, "When Genius Failed"
Guy 1: I Meriwethered my new boots today.
Guy 2: Meriwethered?
Guy 1: Stepped in shit.

Guy 2: Good one, Lowenstein.
by mrawesometheawesome November 08, 2011
Whenever asked or made fun of for your dry spell, rebut with "Hey man, I'm chargin'"

Etymology: McGill, Montreal, Canada. As a defense to a charge by two roommates about of a lack of virility/action.
Guy 1: "Dude, you haven't gotten laid in months, bro."
Guy 2: "Whatever man,I'm chargin'"
Guy 1: "snap."
by mrawesometheawesome April 03, 2010
The area between Cambie on the Westside and Fraser on the Eastside. Encompasses Mount Pleasant and Little Mountain.

Created to prevent people who live on either Ontario Street from claiming a material distinctions between sides of the street.
"Where do you live?"
"This hip loft on the Eastside. Right on Main Street!"
"You live in MidVan. Hipster status denied."
by mrawesometheawesome May 26, 2013