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1.a fat rolly polly type of bitch.
2. one of many breeds of bitch's. stupid bitch, nagging bitch, ugly bitch, slutty bitch...ect....
3. a chubby female dog
1. Go eat another cake you humpty bitch
2. lets breed my humpty bitch with your latin boxer and see what we get.
#bitch #dog #woman #ho #cunt.
by mr.flagg February 26, 2008
A word used to describe some sorry sonofabitch who is extremely chunky while maintaining the looks of something resembaling snuffalufagus from sesame street.
whats up chunkalufagus? i think i'll slap you with a corn dog you cause your so damn ugly and fat.
#fat #snuffalufagus #chunk #nasty #retard #gross #pimple #assface #discusting
by mr.flagg February 26, 2008
A name given to anyone who's last name may be Vanhoose and is directly related to satan himself.

vanhoose: give me your soul so i may digest it, my lord satan has crowned me the queen of evil, bow to me minion!
me: damn hoosifer. a bit tense today?
vanhoose: no why?
me: no reason. how would you like a welding rod to snack on?
vanhoose: sounds delicious.
#lucifer #minion #satan #evil #soul harvesting
by mr.flagg February 27, 2008
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