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3 definitions by mr. hankey

The girl at work that only likes it up the poop chute because she is "saving herself for marriage" and "doesn't want her fiancee to know she is not".
Don't sit there... the dirty deuce sat there and may have left some squirts behind.
by mr. hankey August 06, 2004
When you're about 18 beers past the legal limit and you're the most sober one in the car that you are driving; and your so excited that you made it home without dying (or worse, a DUI) that you do laps around the traffic circle in your neighborhood. Typically, all of your neighbors will be awoken by headlights flashing in their windows and you're drunk friends cheering.
I can't believe I made it back to Glengarry after drinking a whole case of beers.....let's do victory laps.
by mr. hankey August 26, 2004
When someone is shitface trying to puke in the toilet and ends up blowing runny turds out of their bung hole into a molasses mess.
While James was in college, some girl had a blowout in their bathroom and spewed poopies all over the place.
by mr. hankey August 06, 2004