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Instead of joining the health conscious vegetarian craze, a vagetarian dines on healthy portions of vagina. They feel that meat is an important part of one's daily nutritional intake, but eating box is a valuable source of nutrients which is often overlooked. A little muff diving never hurt anyone, so long as they bring their goggles.
Thomas became a vagetarian, in order to improve his lifestyle and increase his chances of receiving falatio.
by Mr. Fuel March 23, 2007
A farewell phrase similar to the slang "lata", except that it is to be used when exiting a room or area immediately after experiencing flatus. By leaving with this parting word you are leaving your pungent scent for the persons you were with.
Shortly after releasing a green stink cloud, Steve snickered and said, "flata" as he left his comrades in a smoke screen of flatus.
by Mr. Fuel April 03, 2007
a task which has no dependent tasks.
hey man, run the third group last because it's a leaf-node so there's nothing waiting for it
by mr. fuel October 05, 2012
Contrary to grab bag sacks of goodies and crap given out at parties of prepubescent youth, party favors are benevolent actions done by one party reveler to another.
By giving out pizza and beer and allowing women to take off their tops, Brandon was the king of doing party favors for his fellow
by Mr. Fuel March 23, 2007

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