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a white Christian male who preaches about morality and godliness in the morning and has a ten-year-old boy perform oral sex on him in the evening in a rent-a-car
That religious Republican Ted Haggard just stepped down from his position as head of the National Association of Evangelicals.
by mr. communication November 02, 2006
world's number one terrorist
Bush has committed more acts of terrorism than all the other rogue terrorists combined.
by mr. communication June 03, 2007
(absolute) absence of domination
Anarchy means that no one dominates, and no one is dominated. Usually refers to the time period in human existence before the rise of civilization and agriculture.
by mr. communication November 04, 2006
another word for condom
This udder warmer fits my member very well.
by mr. communication November 07, 2006
someone who has no need for god or gods
An atheist is someone who believes in himself.
by mr. communication November 14, 2006
a person who speaks fifty words of English
yeah, you see nigga, i'm a rapper,
i speak fifty words of english,
i got five mil in the bank,
yeah, nigga, you speak fifty thousand words of english,
and you ain't even got an ounce of crack
by mr. communication October 29, 2006
acronym for Corrupt Imperialist Aggressors
The CIA has engineered more than thirty coup d'etats in the last fifty years against Third World nations.
by mr. communication November 03, 2006

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