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an old disco song by radio personality rick dees. somehow became popular enough in the late 70s to be a top 40 hit.
yo, "disco duck" is on the radio. turn that shitnit up!
dude, that shee-ite is whack! lets listen to some michael jackson. look how dark he looks on the album cover to "beat it"
by mr pink November 18, 2004
"oh shit"
term borrowed from the late 1970's-ish commercial jingle for franco-american's spaghetti-o's
*camera shows to hippies smoking weed*
dude. we just smoked 2 bowls. i am starving. what do we have to eat?
*cue annoying jingle*
uh-oh, spaghetti-o's
*camera shows 2 confused gentlemen having just heard said jingle who now smile, realizing they have canned "spaghetti" to eat*
*and fade to black*
by mr pink November 18, 2004
have someone suck a fart out of your ass
take position - standing bending over ,on all fours or on your back with your legs pulled up(take your pick) an have someone suck a fart out of your ass (the person sucking the fart looks like a scubadiver) hnce the scubadiver
by MR Pink July 02, 2013

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