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see "ukraine"
funny name for it
go kiev.
yo, when was the last time u visited ukie land?
oh just a year ago.
by mr mike December 04, 2005
used in online gaming, usually after killing or fragging an enemy, stands for "good game owned". meaning good game, but i am better than you, therefore i 'owned' you. variations include GG NEWB, GG NUB, and other misspellings of the word 'newb' or 'owned'.
Can also be used when someone else disses/kills/frags another person/player, as if to say, good game to you, but he just owned you. (seen in example 2)
example 1--
leetcsplayer: HAHAHA GG PWNED YOU
notleetcsplayer: Yes you are so much better than me.

example 2--
newb that talks a lot: haha i am so good u are all newbs.
leetcsplayer2: have a cup of GGSTFU.COM
leetcsplayer3: um gg pwned
by mr mike December 02, 2005
An inane and immature radio show that plays amateurish music.
"Hey, dude, did you listen to the Zoo Croo on KXLY this morning? They killed it!"
by Mr Mike December 03, 2013
sucks. period. if we didnt waste so much time sleeping, think of all the stupid shit that teenagers would be able to accomplish! (and older people of course) so bush, stop using money on this war in iraq, and develop something that makes us not need sleep. i think the whole world will thank you.
person1: sleep sucks
person2: yeah.. but u'll die without it.
person1: such a waste of time, goodnight.
by mr mike December 04, 2005

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