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3 definitions by moxy

Hugs and Kisses. O's = Hugs, X's = Kisses. You can just put O's if you haven't shared a kiss with the person yet.
(insert name)
by Moxy February 16, 2005
"Therianthropy is a mental, emotional, spiritual or religious connection and empathy with an animal." - www.were.net

One who possesses this connection: a therian.
My personal therianthropy revolves places belief in reincarnation.

I believe therianthropy is a state of mind.

My therianthropy does not affect my religion.

Therianthropy is as close as I get to a religion.
by moxy December 01, 2003
A man's teat, from the combination of the words "man" and "booby"
You hit my mooby!

He has big moobies...

I'm freezing my nuts and moobies off out here!
by moxy December 01, 2003