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Meeting your ex after some time has passed and comparing details about your current lives - there is always a winner and a loser in a breakup. If your life is going significantly better than your ex's, then you "win the breakup" Coined by the TV show How I Met Your Mother.
I ran into my ex Susan the other day - she's working at a Dairy Queen and got knocked up by some douche. I totally won that breakup.

Man, stop watching TV and go get a job or something. Don't you want to win the breakup when you meet Jen at this year's reunion?
by mowgli27 June 29, 2009
A portmanteau of McMurtry and Duncan Colleges, the 10th and 11th residential colleges at Rice University. As both colleges were unveiled at the same time (Fall 2009), have similar architecture, and are supposedly the most environmentally-friendly buildings on campus, Rice students tend to think of them as a unit.

*Despite the hostility with which Martel Dormitory was greeted, it is important to note that McMurtry and Duncan ARE considered colleges.
Where do you want to eat tonight? South?
Nah, let's go check out what McDuncan has to offer.

What college is your boyfriend in? Duncan?
No, he's in McMurtry.
Same difference.
by mowgli27 August 30, 2009
A type of plastic/rubber shoe, made to look like crocs. People who wear real crocs can actually tell the difference, and think that croc-offs are totally lame.
croc-lover 1: dude, look at that guy's shoes. are those croc-offs really obvious or what?
croc-lover 2: oh man, those tie-dyed pieces of shit don't even look like crocs; they just look dumb.

why would you ever wear croc-offs? if you want to wear rubber shoes, go for the real deal.
by mowgli27 July 12, 2008

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