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Rabbits that have both genders (male and female) that are usually described hopping over rainbows or across fluffy clouds when you are in love.
all i see is a lovely hermaphrodite bunny rabbit hopping through heaven with a giant sign waving behind ur fluffy trail bringing me hope and laughter over the candyfloss clouds and snowcovered hills u are my purpose in life.
by mousey1306 January 13, 2012
when a person gets way too involved or addicted to facebook chat or any other form of instant messaging and use the winking face, ;) , but start to actually do the action when you send the message. this means when you send a winking face, ;) , on chat you automatically start to uncontrollably wink!
Hannah: heyy, you looked rly hot today;)
*has eye spasm* (starts to wink uncontrollably)

Felix: ahaa thanks bbz<3 xx
by mousey1306 January 13, 2012
1. a fairly new word meaning orgasm
2. can also mean an arguement
1. it makes me hoo har when he kisses my vagina
i hoo har very easily:L

2. theres a little hoo har going on over there
this is going to cause a hoo har
by mousey1306 January 13, 2012
A mature cheddar head is someone who is very mature but acts really stubborn and stuck-up with it, quite snobby. They are mature in a really boring way with no sense of humour and take everything seriously.
'Sophie told me making fart noises is immature.'
'Don't worry, she's a mature cheddar head with no sense of humour.'
by mousey1306 March 07, 2012
A noise at one end and a smell at the other.
'I love dogs!'
'Oh I hate dogs! They're a noise at one end and a smell at the other!'
'Well i guess you could say that....:/'
by mousey1306 March 07, 2012

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