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1. (to be a Fergie) To be the token white girl or boy in a group of black origin. (not just in a musical context)

2. (to pull a Fergie) To think you can sing, yet when faced with a live performance, the other members have to keep you afloat because you're so bad.

3. (to be a Fergie) To be dog-ugly, really, actually look like a dog.

4. (to Fergie on) To completely destroy the credibility and respect a group once had or replace a greater former member (s).
1. Why the fuck is she hanging with us? We a black crew, she the only white girl, what a fuckin' Fergie!

2. Did you see Ciara perform "Goodies" last night? Damn, the girl hot as, but she pulled a Fergie fo sho!

3. I was nearly sick! She a Fergie if I ever saw one!

4. I used to be feelin' Destiny's Child, but Michelle just Fergied on them.
by mos-def June 20, 2006
1. (to pull a Ciara) to not write, or even sing your own songs, instead, your only talent being you look fine and can pull off a hot dance move, yet still get a record deal.

A radical singer who writes such lyrics about her "Goodies", the fabulous "1, 2 Step" she can pull on yo ass at any minute or the fact that you should say "Oh" when you see her. Sorry, what am I saying, she doesn't write, or in fact sing shit, her producers write her songs for her and they also make her voice sound good through the clever use of computer technology.
1. LaShawna: My girl NeNe can't sing and she certainly don't write, how the fuck did that bitch get a deal gurrrl?
Taisha: She pulled a Ciara bitch!
by mos-def June 20, 2006
1. (to kanye) To completely over-use samples, often from gorgeous old soul classics resulting in the complete despondance of those who actually like to hear original material, not some over-rated arse pretending to be not only the GOAT but also the new Messiah. (Often occurs for a whole album - i.e. The College Dropout, Late Registration)

2. (to kanye) to front, to be sadiddy, to be a complete arse

3. (dressing kanye) to dress like an old man
1. "I like the album, but Nelly completely kanye'd on us. Go and find us some innovative beats from people who actually make their own!" "Okay, let's see...Puffy Combs?" "No! What are you thinking?"

2. Don't you dare be Kanye'ing on me! You ain't nothing, gurrrl!

3. Boy was dressing so kanye! I think my grandpa is more down than him!
by mos-def June 20, 2006

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