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Verb. To purposely not invited to a gathering where the rest of the family is invited to.
Ex: My sister is fergied, she's not on the guest list.
by momagola February 22, 2011
the act of inventing a process designed to act as a "speedbump" and cause disruption to current work.

usually an act performed while the bottom lip is trembling and toys have been launched from the pram.
ive done 4 hours work on this, and hes just fergied me, now itll take me another 4 hours to redo it!
by honey monster February 26, 2008
The instance when "That Guy" Bitch slaps a indiviual that does not expect it and then runs away and laughs
Watch out guys dont get Fergied.
by The Fergy October 18, 2007
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