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Offensive, chiefly Brit. Contraction of bugger (sodomise), fuck (fornicate), and twat (cunt).

Used as a superlative in the rare case that two expletives will not suffice, to describe someone so utterly contemptible and stupid that the utterer has to search her mind for a sufficiently potent approbrium.
What?!! You sold your twelve year old sister to a Romanian sex ring mafioso for half a cabbage? You... You... BUGGERFUCKTWAT!!!!!!
by moofmonkey November 25, 2003
1. A reasonably entertaining epithet used in the Simpsons to describe the french.
2. Used by a plagiarist, a bore, an asshat, a neoconservative, a douchebag and/or a dickwad, as a weak attempt to appear smart; and an unoriginal way to describe the french.
Hi. I'm an asshat neoconservative dickwad bore. Those french over there are cheese-eating surrender monkeys. Aren't I smart?
by moofmonkey November 25, 2003
exclamation, contraction of "don't even think about it", uttered during copulation with a frigid female that has just felt your cock brush her anus. A signal that you did not buy her enough alcohol prior to engaging in the sex act.
Oh yeah honey! How about some of this?
Don't even....!
Damn.... hey you want a break? I make a mean vodka-lemonade.
by moofmonkey December 01, 2003

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