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1. Sexual attraction to ghosts.

2. Engaging in sexual activity with a ghost.
Tom is known to have had some spectrophilia in the past.
#ghost #sex #love #haunted #retro
by montypark October 05, 2008
A large pile of manure. Originally referred to a 100-foot tall mound at the Headquarters of the Bandini Fertilizer Company in Commerce, California.
"We're going skiing on Bandini mountain!"
#manure #mound #poo #epic #mountain
by montypark January 23, 2009
To get information out of someone by making them think that you are meant to have that information.
"Hey, Locke wanted me to take Miles' food, where is he keeping him?"

"Oh, last night we moved him into the boathouse--- you just totally scooby-doo'd me, didn't you?"
#scooby #doo #trick #coerce #turnaround
by montypark March 15, 2009
What happens when you call someone to ask them out, but you get cold feet when they pick up the phone (or worse, when someone else picks up). Just pretend you are doing a survey to get out of the call. DO NOT ATTEMPT AN ACCENT.
Jerry: Another woman already? What did you say to her?
Liz: I did a fake survey!
Jerry: You did the fake survey!?
Liz: I know! I'm not over him!
#fake #survey #servey #seinfeld #relationship
by montypark October 22, 2008
A middle-aged, fake boobed, fake-tanning, brazillian waxing, navel-piercing, reality-TV-obsessed woman who dresses like a slutty 12-year old and hangs out with her kids' friends, clinging to a fabled youth that was never hers to have. She takes all the wrong lessons from youth culture (and pop culture in general), with no ethical or aesthetic scruples whatsoever.

Most likely a divorcee. If not, she's trying desperately to "spice up" her marriage. Almost exclusively a product of the 2000s decade, found most commonly in the US and UK.
I kept trying to talk to that girl but this frankenmom kept moving in on me. Super creepy.
#mom #milf #cougar #party crasher #freak
by montypark May 12, 2010
The belief that, having established deep antipathy toward a group of people, any action taken by your opponents is inherently bad, and that you must oppose them regardless of principle or practicality.
Its unfortunate to see this sharks vs. jets mentality in political discourse, especially when so many things need to get done.
#sharks #jets #politics #mentality #forum #limbaugh
by montypark April 16, 2009
A donut move by which a car, already moving straight ahead at high speed, begins to spin while still moving in the same general direction.
"This is the upward spiraling pigtail!"

"Why is it called that?"

"I don't know!"
#car #spin #upward #spiraling #pigtail #mclovin
by montypark March 14, 2009
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