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12 definitions by monotone

someone with a prick for a face? used by people who arent clever
dude youre such a prickface
by monotone September 26, 2004
ugly. typecasted as ugly guy. good actor though. just ugly
dude she looks like ron perlman
by monotone September 26, 2004
his name is actually greg raymer, not dan. hes known for wearing novelty sunglasses to distract his opponents. he got the name "fossilman" by selling fossils to other players as good luck charms or card protectors. he played well during the tournament but was a little bitch during the tournament of the champions. i think hes a big fat lucky dork but thats just my opinion.
did you see fossilman in that commercial with moneymaker? what a loser
by monotone November 05, 2004
extreme hate. usually used by nerds and people who think theyre using big words to make themselves sound more intelligent.
omg i loathe canned tomatoes
by monotone September 26, 2004
an acronym for "hot import nights". a car show comprised of mainly fixed up import cars. originated in california but tours around the country. it used to be fun and interesting to go to until "the fast and the furious" came out and everybody and their mothers decide to show up.

people that usually go to hin:
-stupid azns with 3 ft. spiky hair
-slutty girls who do not know anything about cars
-people who actually like cars
-people who actually like cars's girlfriends
-perverts who like models(but who doesnt)
1. oMg I wEnT 2 HiN aNd DeRe WeRe LyKe s0o0 mAnY h0t GuYz
2. -dude wanna go to hin?
-fuckin a dude sasha singleton is gonna be there
by monotone September 26, 2004