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Eazy "mutha fuckin" E..Your all talkin "hiphop" why???shite more like it , One of the biggest mis-conceptions in music , hiphop lyrics where , and are , not about gun violence , Where on the De LA Soul classic album "3 feet high and rising " does it go on about the AK-47 is the tool ? Eazy wasn't a hip hop artist , he was a rapper {gangsta} 2 completely different things...Part of N.W.A.Niggaz With Attitude along with Ice Cube , M.C. Ren , D.J. Yella , Dr. Dre they where the 1st gangsta rap artists 2 cross over mainstream , which caused outrage , especially among the white American "middle classes" , sex , drugs , violence , could of been talkin about them !! but no , they where talkin about life in comptonand the reason for the uproar , and the mainstream crossover was "White , middle class American , teenagers"..
Sadly with us no more
Aidsdon't die of ignorance
Eazy r.i.p.
boyz don't be silly ,get a nodder on your willy...
Peace and long life
"The title BITCH dosn't apply to all woman , but all woman gotta lil bitch in em"
Wow what a line!!!!!!!!and never a truer word spoken...
Eazy E r.i.p.
by monks July 22, 2006

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