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Contraceptive. Condom. Sheath.
Look, love, I have super duper baby gravy. I need to put on a nodder whether you like it or not.
by The Strut October 12, 2004
A pitifully slow cyclist commuting in London. Usually seen decked out in a useless high-vis Altura Night vision jacket with matching fluro hump backpack cover. Often seen woefully weak lights that are reminiscent of a sickly glow worm, but its quite common for them to have none at all. They will clog up the roads in the every summer leading to the so called 'Noddergeddon'. They will barge in front of you at the lights only to set off like wobbly slow grandma forcing you to drop them instantaneously, at the next set of light they'll do the exact same thing again causing incredulous cry of frustration to be emitted by every other cyclist around them.

The term its self comes from their habit of nodding their heads up and down whilst they struggling along in the wrong gear often with a bike that's totally the wrong size for them. It was coined by a user of London's famous LFGSS cycling community.
"Jesus Christ the roads are clogged with nodders today, I didn't realize that Noddergeddon had started already!"
by LFGSS user September 18, 2013
Slightly balding fake asian, that bullshits a lot, says "yes" all the time and fails to deliver!
Steve - Are you coming to the party tonight?
John - Yes!
Steve- Don't you be doing a nodders on me!!!
John - I won't!!

(John fails to turn up) John's done a nodders on us!!
by REL74 February 11, 2010
A person who consumes opiates causing them to nod
After 3 blue beans each, all my friends become nodders.
by Leedah/ Danielle May 31, 2005
When your penis is one blood pump away from a full raging erection and it just kind of hangs there like a bouncing bobble head.
It was very obvious Justin was a tourist, as he was strutting around a nude beach in France with a nodder.
by sanchezfugly July 12, 2016
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