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2 definitions by monkeyy22

Plays bass in the awesome band the Downtown Fiction. He's really handsome and cute.
I love the downtown fiction and david pavluk is the cutest!
by monkeyy22 August 13, 2010
Band formed by former Fall Out Boy bass player Pete Wentz. He announced this band via his blog June 2010. Band members are Pete Wentz, Bebe Rexha, Nate Patterson and Spencer Peterson. They're signed to DecayDance Records, Pete's own record label.
Random person: 'Have you heard Pete Wentz's new band, Black Cards?'
Fall Out Boy fan: 'Yes, but FOB was waaaay better.'
Random person: 'I think you can't compare this music to Fall Out Boy. It's quite different.'
Fall Out Boy fan: 'You're right. I like it, the songs are kinda catchy.'
by monkeyy22 January 26, 2011