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super smoooth or really easy when things go your way or to bag a girl without effort
how was that trip to the dmv? it was like butter...got in and out in 15 minutes

what happened with that chick after i left? it was like butter
by monkeydan December 19, 2007
the act of ejaculating in someone's hair while they are asleep, preferably after a night together where one(the giver) does not receive what he/she deserved instead is unhappy(e.g. blueballs) with the results of the night.
i pleased her all night and in return nothing, so i gave her a pert plus...booya
by monkeydan December 19, 2007
a word to decribe a homosexual males genitalia be it a penis, r a mangina, or a vagina
that tranny needs to cover-up his vajoejoe
by monkeydan December 19, 2007
Term used to criticize with humor the disaproval of a homosexual relationship of two males i.e. Adam & Steve
God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Bruce
by monkeydan December 19, 2007
when a driver is tailgating cars on the road and constantly looking into the car in front of the driver as to be looking for a ham sandwich like a hungry spaz
do chill out! get off this guy's ass. what are you looking for a ham sandwich or something.
by monkeydan December 19, 2007
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