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Full Name: Gackt Camui or spelled Gakuto Kamui in Japanese. He was once apart of a VK band Malice Mizer, but now is solo. He is known for his great unique voice and looks. He is a bit eccentric and love a variety of objects like skulls as one.
by momo September 24, 2003
Taipei, capital of Taiwan (Republic OF China)
Jeff always gets laid with hot chicks when he comes back to Taipei.
by Momo November 06, 2004
when a female passes gas, and you suck it in and hold it, then blow it on her nose.
steve or whoever was licking nancy's asshole and she farts, steve then sucks it up and then blows the fart onto nancy's nose so she can smell it.
by momo April 14, 2005
When your G-String chafe up your arse so much that you get a stinging sensation because of it.
L: How're you today
M: Great, but I ain't half got G-Sting
by Momo May 21, 2006
while eating the pussy,or sucking dick in doggie style position, the female, or male squirts a little poop in your eye.
dude last night i went down on the girl i took home from the bar, and i got a dirty bello.
by momo October 06, 2005
koolest ever
the Iris is the kooness flower this side of the River Jordan
by momo June 29, 2004
The ability of your girlfriend, wife or otherwise female life partner to sexually interact with her best friend for your gratification.
My wife and her friend are perfectly interoperable. That's why I can't come to poker night tonight with you guys.
by Momo October 17, 2003

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