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its a expression of disbelief or amazement.
guy: i caught my dad smoking reefer last night.
girl: well fuck me running!
by zero July 15, 2004
Expression of amazement, disbelief or bewilderment.
Well, fuck me running, he won the lottery.
#for real? #what the fuck? #no way! #are you kidding me? #holy crap!
by Brennus December 22, 2006
What you say as a drummer when you don't pay attention and keep playing 15 seconds after the song ends.
Dave Mustaine: (Finishes playing Paranoid cover) Nick, Nick NICK!!!!
Nick Menza: (Finally stops playing) Fuck me running...
#megadeth #nick menza #fuck #me #running
by HotPotato November 09, 2009
An expression that can be used when one is angry, surprised, upset, etc.
Fuck me running, I forgot to pay my electric bill this month!
#fuck #shit #what the fuck #damn #dang it
by BUTT DUR4ANG0 January 06, 2008
Shortened FMR .

Term used when somewhat speechless, in Shock and/or Amazement
Did you hear that the Chicago Cubs won the World Series?

Well Fuck Me Running
#shock #surprised #amazed #baffled #taken back
by Stormy G January 05, 2012
Can also be used transitively. To have fucked someone running is to have well and truly screwed them.
Steve: How'd it go with the city inspectors?
Dave: They fucked me running.

fuck me running
#fuck me running #fucked running #los angeles #mayor villaretardo #this city sucks
by sargasso May 26, 2011
It is when you are getting fucked over soooo bad and you can't run fast enough to get away.
The irs is all over my ass for back taxes!Fuck me running!
#f me runnin' #f me running #fuck me runnin' #fuck me running #fuckmerunnin'
by glenn van smack April 29, 2008
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