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While many composers have composed a ninth symphony, when someone says they are going to go listen to "the ninth", it refers unanimously to Beethoven's Symphony No.9, Op.125 "Choral".
Dvorak's "From the New World" is a really good symphony.

Bah, The Ninth is better.
by moltovivace June 16, 2005
The next-generation data storage media disk, developed primarily by Toshiba. Although voted as the successor to the DVD officially by the International DVD Forum Organization, it is in close competition with the Blu-ray, developed by companies like Sony and Hewlett Packard. (A similar competition took place with the DVD, Toshiba's prototype ultimately chosen over Sony's).

It employs a 405 nm blue laser and has each capacity layer is 15gb. Toshiba has developed a dual-layered 30gb disk and a 45gb triple-layered disk.

Companies supporting the HD DVD include NEC, Sanyo, Microsoft, New Line Cinema, Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, and Warner Bros.
Later releases of Microsoft's Xbox 360 feature HD DVD capable drives.
by moltovivace September 03, 2005
A lively Italian dance, usually in 6/8 time.
Let's all dance the Tarantella Napoletana!
by moltovivace February 22, 2005
Character from the animated feature "Spirited Away", was owner and ran the bath house.

A knockoff of the Russian folklore witch "Baba Yaga".
Yubaba needs some serious Neutrogena.
by moltovivace February 22, 2005
Describing something unusual or fantasic.
Kid 1:"I got this book on how to interpret dreams"

Kid 2:"Interpret dreams? That shit is some serious Harry Potter."
by moltovivace April 07, 2005
I seem to have misplaced my Gamebube.
by moltovivace February 24, 2005
Ninty's next console.

Apparently Nintendo considers the ability to play old 2D games "revolutionary".
Are you going to buy a Nintendo Revolution?

Nah, I already have a SNES.
by moltovivace June 05, 2005

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