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Is where you have left someone outside a car a proceed to drive off. While putting up the automatic window start to move upwards in time with the window crying "Toodaloo Mother Fucker"
Dave: Hey let me in.
Choi: No
Choi: "Toodaloo Mother Fucker"
by moleskinator August 01, 2009
Shorts 9/11 is where someone is devastating in looks and personality.
Wearing short shorts is crucial.
Walking like a dweeb
Wiping out children
all makes up for a perfect shorts 9/11
Wes: look at that guy over there

Paul: who . . . you mean shorts 9/11

Wes: yeah thats the one what a d***

Paul: have you seen him . . . shorts

Wes: omg he just wiped out that kid

Paul: (snarl) bl**dy shorts 9/11
by moleskinator August 16, 2009
Where you proceed to go out in search for clunge. Your one and only aim is for clunge. This is called clunge collecting, you will do anything to get that clunge (girl/vagina).
Crystal: oh no its the minge mauraders ... i dont know how they've found us but they have... run! ... run!

Michelle: I hate those clunge collecting bastards. Darn them to heck.

Crystal: we betta get outta here before they collect our clunge.

Michelle: Thank god they didnt see us... but i knew that clunge collector... he does anything to get clunge nowadays ... i pretty sure they call him Wes around these parts.
by moleskinator August 24, 2009

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