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A series of tasks and duties between blowjobs.
So, Mr. Clinton, how's life ??
by Mojo Mojowitz September 22, 2005
Aversion to tuba music; may include the french horn
Amber and Sean left the Octoberfest early...a definite case of hornophobia.
by Mojo Mojowitz September 25, 2005
For sure; indeed; I hear what you're saying.
The price of gas IS too high, fukinay !!!
by Mojo Mojowitz September 13, 2005
utter unawareness that tomorrow may bring a calamity.
If you work at the World Trade Center, and its September 10th, don't go to work tomorrow.
by Mojo Mojowitz September 10, 2005
New Jersey for "Pay it no mind;" Forget about it.
Hey, so you had to knock off your Cousin Vinny... fuhgetaboudit !!
by Mojo Mojowitz September 26, 2005
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