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n., adj., a male of white descent who possesses an acute sexual interest in Japanese women or Asian women in general. See also: Yellow Fever. A white male Asian fetishist. Will often try to justify his racist preference by expressing an 'interest' in Japanese 'culture'. May have an accompanying interest in anime, manga, or the like. May also make such claims as to be 'Asian at heart', or similar statements. Pinkertons are generally middle to upper middle class, of any political persuasion, of any geographic location, but in larger numbers concentrated in the United States and Britain, with both of their rich imperialist traditions. The North American subspecies of Pinkerton may futilely attempt to justify his sexual objectification by offering bizzarre explanations couched in warped logic. "I just like girls with light skin and black hair" or "Asians just look better to me", ignoring the fact that other races possess such physical traits. Will quite often take college Japanese courses in order to further his lecherous pursuits.

etymology: taken from the name of a character from Puccini's Madame Butterfly, Pinkerton, a United States Naval Officer who pursues a fifteen year-old Japanese girl while stationed there, despite having no intention of staying with her, eventually returning stateside to his American wife after impregenating Cio-Cio-san, or Madame Butterfly. He later returns to Japan with his American wife to take the bastard hapa child of Butterfly/Suzuki and Pinkerton home with the two of them to take care of, which ultimately drives Suzuki to suicide.

See also: White Devil
n. "The pinkerton was surprised when the Japanese exchange student declined his invitation for dinner and sex."

adj. "Rivers Cuomo is feeling mighty pinkerton these days."
by modferret October 12, 2005

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