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To be had; to be ripped off under the false pretense of financial hardship; to be flim flammed, taken for a fool.
She led me to believe she needed financial help, only to turn around and buy a brand new Prada bag. I was AIGed.
by Mochicho March 20, 2009
Death as a result of being exposed to farts.
Disgusted with life, he stuffed his gut with pork and beans, locked himself into a telephone booth, and committed farticide in front of a horrified crowd.
by mochicho March 08, 2009
A tremendously potent fart that can both ruin a social gathering and become the focal conversational point for ages.
We'll never know whether it was planned or not. Fact is he released a gigafart and got everyone running!
by Mochicho March 08, 2009
A female who's not quite into S&M but enjoys giving her lover a few slaps on his butt.
It started as a game, but she quickly became a Spankatrix. My ass was sore.
by Mochicho February 10, 2009
Failure to fix a broken system by relying on the same people who broke it.
His fear to Obama the change needed prompted him to hire an entire new team.
by mochicho November 28, 2009
A nonstop 24/7 media barrage of destructive news about your personal life that brings a prominent career into a screeching halt.
Riding high his brilliant career, the unraveling of a sexual indiscretion was the tigerwood that made him choose obscurity over fame. It was a hard lesson indeed.
by mochicho December 11, 2009
Penile notoriety stemming from a chronical case of smegma.
Time after time, his lovers complained about his unwashed, smelly penis, and the word got around. He accepted his stegma with unrepentant shame.
by Mochicho March 08, 2009
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