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Mountain lakes is a great town. I lived there practically all my life and just recently moved. My new town is much bigger and predominately black and hispanic, but i had no issue adjusting or fitting in. Educationally, I was more than prepared, I was more advanced then many of the straight A students, and it's not like I walked into some shitty school system, I'm in the IB program!
And as for all of you that are attempting to whore this great place, I suggest you go to the schools for a little while, considering that I saw far too many spelling mistakes just glancing at a few of your pathetic entries. (FYI, it's posse, not possy). Maybe you should spend a little more time studying, and a little less wishing you were from ML and naturally smart because we were all raised that way.
ML kids are the greatest, and the majority have a lot of friends from outside schools and towns, so some of your friends (if you have any) like them.
by mmmst May 09, 2005

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