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2 definitions by mksmrdr

When you make enough tater tots that you can eat some now but also have some for later- this forward thinking manifests itself in a slightly soggy but still satisfying treat called latertots.
Dude: "I'm so jazzed right now, I'm making tater tots. How many is enough do you think?"

Other Dude: "Make the whole bag so you can have latertots."

Dude: "Smart thinking."
by mksmrdr June 27, 2013
A person with a psychological condition that prevents him or her (usually him) from ever buying groceries or stocking his refrigerator (except maybe a handful of sad "essentials" such as beer and/or hot sauce).
Girlfriend: "I'm hungry, can you please make me a sandwich?"

Dude: "I'm sorry but I simply cannot. For I am a Neverfood."
by mksmrdr June 27, 2013