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The geometric building in which leading military minds devise weaponry to punish rogue vagina-states. Cutting edge research within this institution has led to the development of weapons of ass destruction including the heat-seeking moisture missile and the morning rocket, as well as smaller scale devices such as the tongue-dart.
Secretary Cocksfeld is meeting with high-level cocktagon officials today to decide which missile to deploy into the South American rogue vagina-state of Bolabia.
by Mjolnir November 07, 2006
a mustache on a gay man, or, if on a straight man, a mustache that is too gay and should be removed to avoid confusion.
Richie, you gotta shave that cockscrubber before Bobby sees you or he'll rape your face.
by mjolnir February 16, 2009
Pinch a loaf, drop anchor, grow a tail, take a dump, drop off the kids, take a session....
The boss is on the phone for Barney, where did he go?
He went to curl a rhino and took the newspaper, tell him to call back in a half-hour.
by Mjolnir February 07, 2008

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