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When a persons gf/bf is not able to attend a non declared date, with a group of friends who all happen to be couples, because they are in a long distance relationship.
At a table of friends.
Deanna: "You guys want to come to a movie tonight?"
Mike: "Ya sure i'll come!"
Deanna: "Great! Text ya with the details later!"

Later that day.

Deanna: "Hey Mike, the movie is at 8."
Mike: "Ok, cool. Who all is coming?"
Deanna: "Daph & Bry, Amy & James, Kozy & I"

Mike: "Ohhhh... ok, thinking in head yeah i'll be the Ghost Wheel..., but movie will be amazing, to bad my girlfriend Hillary and I aren't in the same city :(
by mj2borla November 23, 2010

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