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1. (n.) The growth of minuscule hairs on and around the crotch area of a female. During sex may cause slight irritation to the skin of the sexual partner, especially when it is on the shorter side, as it tends to be "pokey" in that stage of growth. In the occasion which the female with cuntstubble is drunk and proceeding to "hook up" or "run the bases" with a male who is also drunk, the fact that she has cuntstubble will usually be overlooked and therefore sexual intercourse will occur, depending on the following things :
a) the level of drunkness or the BAC level of the male
b) whether not or the male has participated in sexual activity recently
c) whether or not the female realizes how unattractive the male is, or vis-versa, and
d) of course, what types of alcoholic beverages were consumed, since that will determine if one of the partners will vomit as a result of the fast-paced movement of sexual intercourse.

2. (n.) An ingenious insult devised by two amazing and usually intelligent girls from South Carolina. Generally refers to an annoying young male that mistakenly believes that he is superior to the general population, when he happens to actually be far inferior than most people, even more so than the drunkest bum on Upper King Street. Most effective when used by a female in a drunken argument with a previous male lover (as described above), as in induces great volumes of laughter from the onlookers of the bantering or anyone else that is fortunate enough to overhear it.
1. Man, I was so hammered last night, that chick I tapped definitely had some bad cuntstubble- check out that rash above my dick!

boy -"You're a dumb fucking drunk bitch!"
girl -"Yeah? Well fuck you, CUNTSTUBBLE!"
onlookers- "oooohhh shit!" (laugher)
by mixout January 23, 2008

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