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The rather destructive effects of a large fart during or immediatley after anal sex. The by-product being refered to as a hershey spurt
She finally let me play the back nine, but right after I copped a hershey spurt!
by Miv January 09, 2005
Usually only ultimately unique persons are named Vaatu.

Vaatus are very hard to find and if you find one, you need to be full of honouring and cherishing towards one.

The name means total and true talent, extraordinally charming, enchanting and genious personality and being always totally free and victorious. A person named Vaatu usually is very hospitable, kind, loving, interesting, deep, funny and clever.

Vaatu also means "dance that no one has never experienced before". Vaatus usually tend to become very famous for their talent in arts.
"Did you see that Vaatu? I've never seen anything that beautiful!"

"Wow, that was Vaatu! Totally phenomenal!"
by miv June 25, 2013
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