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India Pale Ale is a distinct style of beer and is characterized as a sparkling pale ale with a slightly higher level of alcohol and hops than a typical Pale Ale; the hops lending it a distinct bitterness.

The creation of India Pale Ale during the 18th century was the result of tremendous, efforts by British brewers to overcome a difficult problem: shipping to the British colony of India resulted in the arrival of flat, sour beer. Before refrigeration and pasteurization, the brewer's only weapons against spoilage were alcohol and hops. Alcohol and hops provide an unfriendly environment for microbes, preventing the growth of the bacteria that cause sourness. Therefore, high alcohol content and high hopping rates could protect beer from the souring associated with long storage times.
"Barkeep, I'll take a pint of your best India Pale Ale."
by Mistr_Sir January 18, 2008
Telephone capable of bypassing the earpiece and mouthpiece by use of a small speaker and microphone. This device was designed with two uses in mind:

1. place the device in a room so that multiple people can converse with the person(s) on the other end of the line

2. allows user to converse without holding a handset to the ear and mouth..."handsfree"

The amazing thing about this device is that, regardless of the application, everybody sounds like an asshole.
Dude, watch what you're saying...I've got you on sphincterphone.
by Mistr_Sir December 29, 2007
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