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someone who can speak every language except his own.

"OMG WHAT A DWEEB HE IS IMPERSONATING JOHN LENNON WITH THE GLASSES, id rather he couldnt read without them, than to show up our whole school!!!!"
JIM JAM-"greetings i give to you fellow students"
ANNIE-"What the hell is this nerd saying jason!?"
JASON-"something about a student?!"
ANNIE-" I really dont understand"
by mistii October 15, 2007
a scene girl or guy
that thinks they are hot sh@t.
and thinks nobody looks better than they do
the guys are usually ignorant to the 'lesser cool kids' that try to talk to them on their myspace
and they usually think having 10,000 friends on myspace is amazing!
and they like listening to heavy metal supposodly when they secretly love listening to the latest discrace of a song by jeffree star.

the gay kids

usually put something like britney spears or something so fkin wack on their profile

and the girls think they are so hardcore they could knock a elephant out.
the girls usually put some sh!t unsigned grindcore band on their myspace that usually scares the living day lights out of people because its unexpected and the volume is up.

the guys have black or brown hair
something ordanary & long.
and the girls have something wild in their hair
like a racoon
and consist of having 6000 hair extension pieces on to fit in.

they dont need piercings these days.
omg have you heard of the remix remix remix remix of cosmetic surgery by jeffree star!!!!'
im so scene
by mistii October 15, 2007

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