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2 definitions by mistakeem

1. Originated from the language of Korean, English translation "Killer smile", posessed by very few chosen unspeakbly good looking korean males, often times by a celebrity, which can cause teenage girls, and (homosexual guys) to flip out and masterbate at presence.

similar word- Blue Steel from Zoolander
one salinmiso is better than hundred winks.

"Oppa~!!!!!! saranghaeyo!!!!" - Common response from a bbasooni after salinmiso has been given off.

by mistakeem March 02, 2003
1. Originated from language of Korean, English translation: Teenage girl who follows around male celebrity (many of who possess salinmiso.

2. dim witted, ignorant, shallow, materialistic teenage-girls, who would do anything to be around their dreamy celebrity.

Similar word: chicken head
Different kinds of bbasooni

G.O.D bbasooni - bbasooni who follows boy band of 35 year old ajuhssi and 4 teenage gay guys.

Moonheejun bbasooni - bbasooni who follows ex-boy band member named moonheejun Current locker
by mistakeem March 02, 2003