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The funky smelling junk that comes from ear or other body piercings after not removing/cleaning your holes/piercings for some time.
I took my earrings out and after rubbing my earring holes...my fingers smelled like ear cheese!
by Mista Mista November 24, 2014
When you snitch on your friends to cover your bad actions by saying they did the same thing. However, the difference between you and them is that they weren't caught and if they were, they would never break man code.
What Kobe Bryant did when he was accused of rape. Told on Shaq and other teammates to his wife to cover his ass.
Man, Shawn straight up Kobe'd me after his girl caught him cheating with breezy he met at the club. He told his girl that it was my fault because my side piece is her friend...so his girl called my girl!
by Mista Mista November 24, 2014
a male sex organ i.e penis,schlong,cock,little fella,captain carmella. wich has not been cleaned in a long time and has the odour off piss/semen/shit/mucus/dogs anus

2:an indigenous specious of england
1:hey whats that smell? oh richard hasnt cleaned his cock in awhile he sure is a stinky pisscock

2:hey what the fuck is that thing? dont ask its an indiginous species
by mista mista June 16, 2006
one who is in charge of shits and will not allow others to use the excretement they do not belive in other poo and they want to stick them in conversation camps
luke:hey did ya see brendan what a poo nazi
ryan:yeah he took mine and smeared his uper lip with it
by mista mista June 16, 2006
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