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Noun: meaning you're gasping for any kind of nookie.
1) My PMS hormones are off the scale this month - It's been sex o'clock for a week now!

2) He's a loser and can never get any girl to go out with him - it's always sex o'clock in his world.
by Miss M July 08, 2005
also known as "sexed up", a very good thing.
"he done got loved up and turned into a horny toad"
by miss m February 27, 2003
An attitude of enforced congeniality with someone you cannot stand which is very very subtly detectable by the other person, but not proveable.
1)There's the boss - quick, pretend she's not the manipulative control freak that you would fire if the roles were reversed. You must show her your Nice-Hate smile in order keep your job so you won't starve. She will no doubt Nice-Hate smile back at you.

2) Oh no my boyfriend wants me to go to a party and his ex-girlfriend will be there. I will have to go into Nice-Hate mode. "Oh hello dahling! Fancy seeing you here -how are you? Mwah mwah."
by Miss M July 08, 2005
I made this up from listening to too much rap songs and still use it. It means something similar to the word "fly"- totally cool, awesome, amazing, impressive.
That guy is so sexy, so flashed out.
by miss m June 14, 2003
Another expression I made up from listening to too much hip-hop and use a lot. It means pretty much the same as "amazing", "cool", or "bomb-ass", but I mostly use it for describing sexual matters.
He's got bombed-out skills in bed....or that dick is bombed out.
by miss m June 14, 2003
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