3 definitions by mingymoo

Being a geek
Bereft of having a relationship with anyone else other than himself
a virgin
Matt is starring in the sequel to 40 year old virgin
its called "55 and still can't get some"

man you love computers as much you're doing a matt

A matt finish -- looking, dressing and talking just like a geek
by mingymoo September 01, 2006
Being so arrogant in ones views that you think you are right all the time

Professing to be a scouser when not being from there

A tubby northerner ex pat unsporty type claiming to be a sporty one
man why are you never wrong - you are bein a kev
by mingymoo September 01, 2006
A buck teethed chinese fisherman
Jackie Chan is doing a fishing movie
He's going to be an undercover tsangan

Look at those teeth -- he looks like a tsangan
by mingymoo September 01, 2006

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