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slutwave is a not-so-commonly used term referring to the 00's phenomenon: the domination of female electro-pop solo artists.

the whole thing pisses off people who claim to have a clue about music, since these slutty-dressed (but in real life cold ass business women) artists are able to sell their shitty tracks by drawing attention to their bodies and creating buzz by their trashy (they'd say edgy) costumes.

main 'slutwave' artists: lady gaga, ke$ha

the term was probably invented and/or brought into use by Carles, blogger of Hipster Runoff.
hey look at M.I.A. she'd probably eat shit to earn some cash. recently she's been riding slutwaves just to stay relevant.
by minase8888 August 11, 2010
An expression used by RuPaul, on the reunion of Rupaul's Drag Race Season 2 Reunion, while he was complimenting Tyra Sanchez on her performance at the Wedding Challenge.

Meaning: someone being or acting instinctively fierce and passionate.
Girl, you let us down this week. Next time I wanna see you set your pussy on fire.
by minase8888 February 10, 2011
Internet years pass much quicker than real years. It is due to the very frequent and enormous amount of updates on blogs and news sites.

Example: if you bump into an image that you had seen days ago it feels like it happened ages ago.
Fred Flinstone's comment: "I can't wait to try this videogame. When is it coming out?"

Michael J. Fox's comment: "Where have you been in the past 100 internet years? Your grandma might have rocked that game."
by minase8888 November 06, 2010
State of having any other phone than the iPhone.
'Sorry for not contacting you earlier but I am experiencing iPhone envy and every minute spent with my Nokia feels like being trapped in a loveless marriage.'
by minase8888 September 18, 2011
The act where one tries to tell a pun or joke in another language but it turns out to be totally lame, since the point gets lost in translation.

Most transpuntations are followed by awkward silence.

Serial transpuntators don't ever notice they are not funny and they keep doing it all the time, promting you to improve your fake laughter.
Maarit from Finland decides to pull a transpuntation: 'My mate Santtu was sitting in the pub with a yellowish drink in front of him. I asked "Oh, are you having a Jaloiviina, mate?" "No" he replied, "It's Fisu - I'm working tomorrow.'

Mariit's foreigner friends: *awkward silence*
by minase8888 December 13, 2010
The act where one takes incredibly long to respond via MSN or Facebook and then comes up with a ridiculously simple and short message. All you see throughout the conversation is '... is typing a message'.

the term springs from the word 'pussyfooting'
Jack got instant wood when Jane said hi to him on Facebook. He was about to tell her he seriously wanted to face fuck her, but instead he backspaced it all and just sent a smiley.

In reality Jane would have been up to get her face fucked, but Jack blew his chance by pussytyping.
by minase8888 December 11, 2010
The signature move of iPhone users: pulling the iPhone out of one's pocket, while pressing the button and twisting it around to the right direction. Usually applied to check the time.
John: "What's the..."
Chuck Norris: "it's 5:10 PM."
John: "OMG your iPull is faster than the speed of sound!"
by minase8888 January 02, 2011
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